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Supporting King Salmon Fishing in the Yukon Since 1974

The year 1963 marked Randy’s first year working in the Alaska salmon fishing industry. Four years later he joined the Marine Corps and married his high school sweetheart, Edna. In 1970 they went back north to Alaska, operating tenders and managing fish companies to pay for college expenses. In 1974 they graduated with their teaching degrees and started Boreal Fisheries near St. Mary’s, Alaska. In the following years, with the rich experience of living and working in Alaska, their sons, Tony and Eric, became engineers and their daughter, Lisa, earned her business degree.

Over the years Boreal Fisheries has grown, and has been deeply involved in the king salmon fishing on the Yukon River. Boreal now ships fresh salmon and frozen salmon worldwide as well as distributing smoked Alaska salmon to markets around the country.

Along the way their family has made friends with the local Eskimo fishing families who fish for this famed Alaska Salmon. This cross-cultural understanding has created an excellent working relationship as well as mutual respect.

It has been over thirty years since Randy and Edna started Boreal Fisheries and began buying fresh salmon. Edna still does the books, schedules aircraft and commanders the radio. Randy still takes care of the maintenance and manages the buying operations. After all these years, both continue their dedicated work of bringing the best wild Alaska salmon in the world directly to you